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Nancy Cowan, falconer and author, dies from COVID complications

January 15, 2022
Nancy Cowan, left, and her husband Jim, center, chat with veterinarian George Messenger, of the Fisherville Animal Hospital and Bird Clinic in Penacook, in the clinic's waiting room on Friday afternoon, January 31, 2014. Messenger is one of about 100 veterinarians in the country who is board certified in avian and exotic medicine. PHOTO CREDIT:  Andrea Morales (Concord Monitor)

Before they arrived at his parents’ house in Deering, Jim Cowan warned his future wife that his mother and father were unique.

Elizabeth waved it off as something unspectacular, a quirky trait that Cowan saw as embarrassing. Sure enough, though, the couple pulled into the driveway and saw Nancy Cowan out front, wearing a protective vest, thick gloves and a whistle around her neck, charging toward the car in a panic, yelling, ‘Don’t get out, don’t get, don’t get out!’

Once quiet, with Elizabeth still digesting the greeting, Nancy continued teaching her survival class for raptors. A falcon emerged from a tree, killed a quail on the driveway and ate it, right there on the spot.